Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm having a hot affair!

I’m having an affair. It’s hot. Red hot. My middle child shares his name. Patrick knows...and he usually joins in.

I was introduced to my new love by Audrey. I was pregnant, easily lead astray and willing to try anything. Blame the hormones.

I usually pick him up at the grocery store. He likes to watch me cook. It’s been two years and we are still going strong.

If you want to add some spice to your life, you should try him too. There is plenty to go around. Try him with pizza or eggs or homemade mac and cheese. If you really want something crazy make this.

You will not be sorry.

Audrey- If you are reading, make it for Mr. F and then tell him how much you want to spend on new kitchen cabinets. I guar-an-tee he will not be able to say no... because it is that delish... and because the roof of his mouth may be burned off. Either way, your kitchen will look great!

If you make Franky’s Crispy Chicken, serve it with mashed potatoes and drizzle the sauce on top of them. OMG, I seriously could eat this at every meal. My boys like spicy, but this sauce is too much for them, so give your kids the chicken plain...and save the sauce for yourself.

Get some Frank's, people! You will thank me!



  1. OK...I am LITERALLY LOLing right now! Glad to see you and Frank are still going at it! ;)

  2. nice!

    ps...will you PLEASE email me the meatless recipes (especially the mexican and pasta dish?)
    thank you!