The Kids

At four-years-old, Vincent is the oldest, and in many ways he is a typical first born. 

He is a lot like his mother. He is very responsible, a rule follower. He is introspective and thoughtful. He is protective of his siblings and affectionate. He has a strong need for equity and justice. He loves to help in the kitchen, and it is even better if the help involves chocolate chips. You are probably thinking that Vinny is PERFECT. 

Unfortunately, he is a lot like his mother. He has a desire to control uncontrollable surroundings. He is shy in new social situations, sensitive, and has a tendency to worry. 

He talks with his hands. We are not Italian. 

Vinny loves art, swimming, his Elmo, fruit and any television show that involves building something. 

Nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than when Vinny says, “Mom, I think I am going to keep you.” He tells me this everyday. 

16 month younger than his brother, Franklin was born two days before my scheduled induction, when I was as sick as a dog, on day 3 of a z-pack. This should have been my warning

Frankie is the family comedian. He isn’t funny when he is pushing the baby or pinning down Vinny, but generally, Frankie is a riot

He has huge brown eyes and an infectious smile. He would be happy to eat nothing but cheese, all day...everyday. He plays many rolls during the day- super hero, knight, Batman, cat and Buzz Lightyear. He has a strong desire to be heard- maybe this is why he yells often

He is very intuitive and can read a persons body language better than most adults. Franklin adores his dog and his mom. He is VERY easily frustrated. Don’t try to tell him what to do. We find “suggesting” much more effective. He gives big kisses and even bigger hugs. It is a good thing he is so stinking cute.

Coco is our baby. She is as sweet at her nickname implies

She loves to cuddle and sit in laps. She ADORES her big brothers and follows them everywhere. 

Coco is a woman of very few words- 5 to be exact. She prefers to express herself with a nod or a shake of the head. She loves playing with blocks, the play kitchen and her bellybutton

She has already shown a great appreciation of shoes, bling,  and her daddy.