Monday, September 26, 2011

Wisdom Teeth, Tomato Soup and Tyler Florence

As I told you last week, we have had a lot of dental appointments this September. My poor sweet husband had the unpleasant one. Patrick had four wisdon teeth removed. He also had a molar removed, which was cracked due to the wisdom teeth. Then there was a bone graph...because of the lost molar...due to the wisdom teeth. It is a vicious cycle. Anyways, the poor guy has had it rough the past week. His jaw is still sore and the bland diet he has been adhering to is boring. I bet he is dreaming of me Doritos at night.

In other September news, our tomato plants are still insane. It has gotten to the point that I cannot use the tomatoes fast enough. We have given them to friends, piled them on salads, topped tacos, added them to pasta and quinoa, made fresh salsa and guacamole and Sweet Corn and Tomato Salad.

Given Patrick’s current state and our out of control garden, I figured it was time to call in the big guns- enter the Barefoot Contessa.

Are you familiar with the Barefoot Contessa? Her real name is Ina Garten and she is a cookbook author and TV host on the Food Network. I’m going to keep it real here and admit that she kind of creeps me out. She has been married to her husband Jeffery for over 40 years. She speaks very fondly of him on the show...often and in a weird way. Then at the end of most of the episodes he shows up to eat. The whole thing gives me the willies. If you have seen the show you might know what I’m talking about...or maybe it’s just me.

Anyways, she has a couple things going for her.

First, I have never tried one of her recipes that I didn’t want to make again, and again.

Second, and more importantly, she is NOT skinny. This is good because I do not trust a skinny food professional. Paula Dean, Emeril Lagassee, Mario Batali and Ina Garten could all stand to drop a few lbs, but as food professionals it is necessary for them to maintain a certain weight for credibility.

And a quick shout-out to Tyler are perfect just the way you are!

photo credit: Jeffery Ufberg


I made Patrick this Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup from Ina Garten this weekend. It did not disappoint. Vincent ate a whole bowl of it and sopped up what he couldn’t spoon with sourdough bread.

Colette fell asleep at the table after eating hers. This alone merits my praise- it’s like a lullaby in a bowl!

Patrick got a nice reprieve from yogurt and applesauce, and the garden is four-pounds-of-tomatoes lighter. Perfect.

photo credit: Southern Living Magazine



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  1. 1. so sorry for your hubs. ugh. not a fan of the dentist or dental work.

    2. ina garten creeps me out too.

    3. agreed, tyler florence is perfect.

    happy monday!