Monday, January 31, 2011

Cupid Crunch

I know Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, and February doesn’t start until tomorrow, but is it ever too early to make treats under the guise of showing someone your love?

On our first Valentine’s Day together, a few months after we started dating, Patrick vowed to make Valentine’s Day, “my favorite holiday of the year”. I am pretty sure Valentine’s Day is not a holiday, but he did get me red roses, See’s chocolates, and a “little blue box”. It was pretty awesome.

After our first year of marriage (and joint finances), I told Patrick not to get me flowers for Valentine’s Day. They are overpriced, and they seem to die more quickly than flowers cut at any other time of the year. The romance is gone.

I made this yumminess today as a test run. I saw a similar recipe in a magazine and thought they would be a fun treat for the preschool Valentine’s party, and a nice alternative to cupcakes.

Cupid Crunch

Melt 1 cup white chocolate chips in the microwave. Mix in 3 cups of whole grain cereal. Normally I would choose Multigrain Cheerios because my kids love them, but today I used Oh’s cereal... because I love them. Mix in 1 cup of Craisins. You could substitute dried strawberries, or chopped up Red Vines... which is what I will be doing for the school kiddos. Spread it out on parchment paper and let it harden up a bit.

The boys approved. When I make these next week for the preschoolers, I am going to serve then in little cupcake papers... then eat the rest myself.

If you are reading this, my sweet husband, please do not get me flowers for Valentine’s Day. I would however like a small ice cream scoop. Thanks.

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  1. What good is a small ice cream scoop? Don't you just need to do more scoops then? Oh least I have a list to buy off of now!

    And if there was ever any question I would get down to 220 lbs some day this blog entry is a a resounding NO!