Sunday, January 16, 2011

That's How We Roll

Have you seen a professional cooking blog? They are pretty amazing. Not only are the recipes tasty, the photos of the cooking process and the end result are, in a word, tantalizing.

They ALWAYS start off with a shot of the ingredients you will need to make the recipe de jour. They are usually named-brand, high-end ingredients, in full jars, not yet streaked and sticky from use.

Well, this is not a cooking blog, and I am not a professional. I thought I would share a recipe I know well and love for my first recipe entry on Mom’s for Xanax. It is a cocktail. You should not be surprised.

Here is the cast of characters...remember it is what ALL great recipe blogs do. Yes, the bottles have all been opened. Yes, I am using some generic ingredients. However, the booze is the good stuff. I’m just keeping it real.

And that will be the last photo you get. No end result shot, no pretty glass with garnish. Just blend it and drink it. It will make you happy...I promise.

Dr. Bob’s Cocktail

1 large frozen lemonade concentrate

3 shots vodka

1 shot Chambord

splash of lemon juice

Pour into blender. Fill to the top with ice. Blend. Consume. Makes 4 servings.

I always make these when the kids Godparents NaKesha and Dave come over. They were here last night bearing gifts, including this, a huge inflatable ball of fun. I call it the “hamster wheel”.

It took over an hour to inflate with an air compressor. The boys love it. It takes up an absurd amount of space in the garage. The boys love it.

It is only meant for one person at a time. The boys love it, together.

They also brought glow sticks.

Did I mention that NaKesha and Dave don’t have kids yet? The boys LOVE them.


  1. as an older mom of three boys--now two and a half men--the youngest is 19--i can truly appreciate your first recipe, unfortunately i tried to do the mom thing "on the natch", not saying it was a big mistake, but...
    my oldest son, michael, sent me your link knowing how much i would like it(i am a fan!!!).
    you have a beautiful family and soooo many great and exciting experiences ahead--there's nothing like being a mom!!!!!
    i look forward to your future posts....

  2. OMg, we HAVE That hamster wheel in orange and all 3 of my kids love it, but I secretly think that Daddy loves it most! hahaa!!! Me? I'm terrified to get in!!