Friday, January 7, 2011

It's official...

I have quit my job. I guess it is not 100% official, as I have not told my employer, so Dad if you are reading this, I quit...and you owe me some money.

This is a decision that has been weighing heavily on my mind and heart for months, then I found out we would be loosing the most awesome nanny in the world come the new year. This may seem to be a silly and dramatic decision as I was only working 2 days a week, but it needed to be done. I know it will disappoint my mother. I can hear her disapproving sigh as I type, but Smiles needs me- middle child angst is a serious thing. He needs his mommy. Now that I don't have the thrill of family law to occupy those few days a week, how will I fill my time? Certainly not with something frivolous like cleaning the bathroom and staying on top of laundry.

Since the birth of The Chin I have struggled with keeping family updated on the happenings of the kids and my communication with friends is sporadic at best. Therefore, what better a tool than the blog to keep everyone informed of the comings and goings of our family, and make me feel even more inadequate for not updating. It's perfect!

Finally, I wanted to explain the name of the blog, and to reassure you. I am not addicted to Xanax. I promise in a few years it will not be exposed that I am an addict like that silly woman who wrote books about wine with play dates, then later wrote a memoir about her 12 step program. Not me. In fact, I have not had a Xanax in over three years. This is not because it has lost it's status as my go-to pharmaceutical of choice, rather, it is contraindicated while breastfeeding. As often as I think to myself during the day, "a xanie would really help right about now," I do not want to mess with the infant brain development of The Girl. She is destined to negotiate world peace, find the cure for the most terrible of maladies, and win an Olympic gold metal. And Patrick and I need someone to support us in our old age. Why risk it.

Mom's for Xanax is the name of my fantasy football team. I am strong and consistent at the beginning of the season, only to fizzle out by about week eight. This blog may reflect that.

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  1. My wife rocks. I have added this to all my RSS feeds and will be a avid avid as you Post!