Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Chain Reaction

We are having a hard time getting “back to normal” after Franklin’s birthday weekend.

It started Sunday night when Vincent spiked a fever. This happens whenever he is sick, even if he just has a cold. I don’t know if this is a result of being down a kidney, but I have learned not to freak out when his temp hovers in the 103 range- it’s just how he is.

His fever is accompanied by a headache, which he enjoys being medicated for, and an overall lethargic disposition.

We laid low yesterday and I decided to keep him home from school today, just to be on the safe side. The other kids seem unaffected, but Franklin demands an equal dose of Tylenol whenever Vincent gets his. I have resorted to drugging V in the dark, master bedroom closet- please don’t call CPS.

The boys enjoyed some extra TV time this morning after breakfast until I dragged them outside for some chilly, but fresh air. We were all enjoying the sunshine, juice boxes, Nilla Wafers, and a conversation about day light savings when it happened.

Colette vomited. This girl does not get sick and never vomits, however she made up for it today. Of course, I wondered if she was ill or she just choked on a bit of cookie resulting in a wonderful gag reflex when my mental checklist was interrupted by Vincent losing his breakfast...and snack. No sooner could I tell Franklin to look away when...well do I really have to tell you?

Poor Vincent and Franklin are destined to be the children at school that sympathy vomit for a sick classmate...and I will be the mother called to bring a change of clothes to the school office.

We spent the rest of the afternoon coloring and taking it easy. We checked our garden and played some Legos. My two non-nappers both fell asleep on the sofa. I briefly nursed Coco and she has held it down- maybe we are out of the woods. She fell asleep too.

Then I did what any mother would do while sick babies napped- I Cloroxed all surfaces and settled down at the computer for my lunch (it’s 4:00, but whose really keeping track?).

A slice of leftover birthday cake counts, right?


  1. Oh no! I hope everyone is better, soon!

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