Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In the end...

Preschool re-registration was this morning. I hope, now that it is over, the tightness in my chest will abate.

For months Patrick and I have been debating whether or not to sent Vincent to Kindergarten next school year. Both of us had valid reasons to bolster our opinions. We went back and forth. We gave all talking points careful consideration. I fretted. A decision had to be made.

VW will stay in preschool one more year. In the end, mama always gets her way.

If this was not stressful enough (I know, I am a bit dramatic, but this is important stuff to mothers), we then had to decide what days to enroll him and Franklin, a new preschooler, in next year.

So much to consider and worry about. Will two full days be enough? Are three half days better academically? Lots of socializing happens in the afternoon- maybe three full days are best? Would three days be perfect for Vincent but overwhelming for the younger Franklin? A decision had to be made.

Our final decision was based on two determining factors:

First, I consulted the preschool principal, whom I trust, and has an amazing talent for analyzing the little people in her charge.

Second, and more importantly, this is only the beginning of the boys’ educational journey. When they hit the doors of the local elementary school, there is no turning back (unless they are home schooled, which is another post for another day). In a short 18 months VW will be a full time student with all the rigors of reading and math, cutting and pasting, listening and following directions. These days of being home with mommy, snuggling late into the morning in our pjs and making a mess with the play doh after lunch, are fleeting.

The boys will be attending preschool Tuesday and Thursday full-day next school year.

In then end, mama always gets her way.

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  1. Easy on the home schooling talk! My brother and I were both late year birthdays, (Oct and Nov respectively), and were always among the youngest in our classes. V-dub would have been the same...and he would have done great. But...mama always gets her way!