Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Preschoolers

There is something so sweet and innocent about preschoolers. They are friends with everyone. It doesn’t matter if a classmate is a boy or a girl or looks different. They are all friends. It is sad that this changes in elementary school. How nice a society we would live in if preschoolers ran the world. Everyone would be a friend, we would have daily arts and crafts, there would be lots of dessert, and naps on demand.

Yesterday we made Valentines in preparation of the party at school today. Vincent wrote his name on 15 cards and 5 tags, no small feat for a 4 year old. He took pride in the writing, taping of candy to each card, and decorating of his Valentine’s bag, all by himself. I prepared candy bars for the teachers. Vincent was so excited to pass out his Valentines to all his friends when I left him at school this morning.

Preschoolers are so sweet.

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