Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three Years with Frank

We just wrapped up celebrating Franklin’s third birthday.

Two was quite a year for Franklin. I am happy to report that we all survived.

Frankie went through what is probably a very typical “terrible two’s” period... it started at 18 months...I feared it would never end. But somewhere around the end of December, my tantrum-throwing-two-year-old was replaced by a little boy who asks for permission to take naps, willingly shares with his sister, and says excuse me before interrupting.

It looks like the threes will bring a little more calm to our home...until April...when Coco turns 18 months.

Our celebration started Thursday evening and last until Saturday night.

There was pizza.

And Cake.

And presents.

Family flew in from out of town. We only took breaks to sleep. We had another cake.

And more presents.

Did I mention we had cake?

The kid got a couple presents.

And some cake.

Vincent said it was the best weekend ever. The adults are exhausted.

Happy Birthday Franklin!!!

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