Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derby Hats

Saturday is the 137th running of The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

I love horse racing. It has been a long time since we have been to the local races, “where the turf meets the surf,” but each year we do manage to watch all the races in the triple crown from home.

Since we live nowhere near Louisville, we will be watching the “fastest two minutes in sports,” at a Derby Party. To get the kids in the mood to watch the race, we made Derby Hats.

The boys decided they wanted military hats, complete with army men and red, white, and blue. Coco went tradition- large and outrageous!!!

I got all the supplies at Michaels for less than $15 dollars. We got out the Tacky Glue and the glue gun and set to work. Here are the end results.

Franklin was not in the mood to model, but his is exactly like Vincent’s.

This is the look I have been getting from Coco when she is over having her photo taken.

I was going to make myself a hat, but the only inexpensive ones I could find were bucket hats... I don’t do bucket hats. I guess after a few mint juleps I wouldn’t care.

Have a great Derby Day. Enjoy the horses, the roses, the hats...and the booze!



  1. did yall have fun watching the derby?
    i was going for "stay thirsty" about you?

  2. Mucho Macho Man. It reminded me of the Village People!

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