Friday, May 13, 2011

More Books We Are Loving

The boys are really into bugs right now. They grosser the better, and if they have pinchers Franklin is in heaven. Monster Bug Wars is our current favorite television show.

Our library wish list is over flowing with books targeted at different types of insects that we must learn about. Black Windows, Tarantulas, and Mosquitoes are all at the top, and will be making a mini Pill Bug terrarium this summer. I hope this will keep the bugs out of the boys’ pockets, where they were found this week.

I picked up these two books as the Target dollar spot: Strange and Amazing Insects, and Stinkers and Stingers. They have great illustrations and lots of cool scientific information...and they were a buck each. We read them everyday.

Coco has finally taken an interest in reading. She doesn’t have a preference for any topic in particular, but she has to sleep with at least one book at night.

It took almost two years, but I have finally gotten around to reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

If you haven’t read it yet, you need to. It is set in 1960s Mississippi and tells the story of black domestic workers and the socialite white women they are employed by. It is an easy read and super entertaining. Even though it is over 400 pages, you will be surprised by how fast you blow through it, and you may be sorry when it is over. The characters are well developed and appropriately likeable or contumelious.

For a complete review of The Help click here, but be aware that the New York Times likes to go into a lot of detail as to the plot so you may not want to read the whole thing...I like to be surprised.

What books are you loving in your house?



  1. We picked up those books at the dollar spot too! We have them right on our Nature Table along with magnifying glasses, outdoor treasures and a bug box too!

  2. Hi there! Not sure if you will see this on my blog, so I Am pasting it here too! In reply to your question on the book:

    I will be giving a more in depth review, but it's worth the read. I'm glad that I borrowed it from the library and didn't give her any royalties haha! When you read it, you will come to find (At least I did) that her youngest daughter knows her VERY WELL and hits the nail on the head with her description of her mother. She talks DOWN to everyone reading the book. She comes across as a braggart in the worst form. Not even on parenting (as you will learn in the book), but mainly on her lifestyle.

    I wanted to read it, because I grew up in a strictly parented household and I am raising my children the same, so I was hoping to make a hybrid parenting of the Chinese and the way I was raised.(you will find out in the book, why I find this funny as I don't want to give anything away).
    I agree with her on so many points and she has some excellent quotes, that I am glad I read it. Let me tell you now, that after the first 50 pages, the way she looks down her nose at her readers will make you want to shut the book (I think I did that 3 times), but just keep reading and you will be glad you did!