Monday, May 16, 2011

Do It Yourself Trail Mix

Trail Mix is a popular snack in our house. It took me a while to not worry about the boys choking or going into anaphylactic shock every time they had a nut, but now that I am over that, trail mix is a mainstay.

The biggest issue I have with trail mix is there is always a little something left over- Vincent isn’t crazy about cashews, and Franklin doesn’t like whole almonds. To remedy this I have started buying our trail mix ingredients separately, instead of pre-mixed. I have found that it is cheaper, lasts longer, and I can add the stuff each child likes.

Most importantly, I am not compelled to 200 calories worth of leftovers so they don’t go to waste because there is usually nothing left for me.

Today, I decided to let the boys mix their own snack, muffin tin style. Their mix choices were: a medley of raisins, dried tropical fruit, Craisins, sunflower seeds, honey roasted peanuts, and M&Ms. Coco had hers sans nuts.

Other items that we often use are pistachios, mini marshmallows, Multigrain Cheerios, chocolate chips, Chex, Apple Jacks, peanut butter chips, macadamia nuts, mini pretzels, goldfish, granola clusters (Trader Joes has really good ones), banana chips, shredded coconut and dried pineapple chunks.

It always amazes me that they share and still get their fill of what they want. Maybe it is brotherly love...or my threats to never do anything fun again if this doesn’t go well.

Either way, this is what was left over after mixing.

I couldn’t let those M&Ms go to waste.

What is the go to snack around your house?

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  1. OH that is a one sweet idea! Great idea to have them "make" their own snack! The go to snack around our house, is a low shelf in the pantry cupboard that my daughter knows is hers. It has healthy snacks of crackers, raisins, nuts, dried fruits, bread sticks, apple sauce cups, rice cakes, ect. She loves going to the kitchen and picking out and preparing her own snack when she's hungry!

  2. Very cute! I like to give vanilla yogurt with honey and cinnamon in it and then cups of fresh fruit, they add in whichever fruit they like to make a fruit flavored yogurt!

  3. That's a great idea. I should try that sometime. I'm pretty sure my boys wouldn't leave me any leftover m&m's!

  4. Nice idea! I love trail mix and it seems that when you buy the store bought kind, you get too many peanuts and not enough of everything else.

    We always have yogurt covered raisins for our staple.


  5. totally stealing this idea soon! :)