Monday, May 9, 2011

Disney Muffin Tin

We are surprising the boys by taking them to Disneyland tomorrow, so I thought I would do a Disney character muffin tin lunch today.

With the amount everyone has been ill lately, I thought it best to wait until the last minute to let them in on the plan.

We had fun discussing over lunch all the characters and the rides we want to go on “next time” we visit the Magic Kingdom.

We ate the character’s favorite foods:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse- cheese

Pluto- Dog Bone aka: PB &J sandwich

Princesses- mango (I admit, it’s a stretch, but I needed to incorporate a fruit and I didn’t want to give them a Snow White apple!)

Donald and Daisy Duck- carrots and jicama

Buzz and Woody- Their faces on Cheese Its (that Buzz Lightyear is pretty self absorbed)

Chip and Dale- Granola and Nuts

They enjoyed their lunch and I now know exactly which rides we will be hitting first thing in the morning.

Next time, I may try to do a Seven Dwarfs Muffin Tin. Sleepy's "mild sedative" would be for me!

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  1. awesome!
    hope yall have a blast!

  2. Oh, lucky you! Disneyland is the funnest place in the world; I'm so jealous! Cute tin - and have fun!

  3. Have fun!!! This muffin tin is adorable! My little guy loves Mickey Mouse.