Sunday, June 26, 2011

Polygamy Love

I don’t know why I have been so fascinated with polygamy lately. I asked Patrick if we could drive thru Colorado City on our impending road trip this summer. He looked at me like I had three husbands heads.

It is entirely possible that I am watching too many episodes of Sister Wives.

Anyways, I just finished reading The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall.

You know that I hate spoilers, so I will just tell you that it is the story of a polygamist with 3 wives who finds himself in the middle of a sticky affair. It took me a month to finish, not because I didn’t enjoy it, or for lack of trying. It’s just that I have been having a hard time staying awake at night.

I think I have a vitamin deficiency...and a sleep disorder...or maybe it is just having three children.

The book is approximately 600 pages. I thought it was going to be hard to follow, especially when I saw the family tree on the front page that includes all 28 children...and my attention span isn’t what it used to be. However, because the author tells the story from the point of view of just a few of the family members, as well as the houses in which they live, it was not hard to keep track of what was happening to whom.

The characters are well developed. Most of them are likeable. Rusty will tug at your heartstrings. As the novel progresses there are a few twists that you don’t expect. The book is not satirical, but a rather respectful take on relationships, expectations, and religious choices that could be applied to just about anyone. Overall, it is a good read.

For a full review go here, but remember The New York Time gives too much away, in my opinion.

Now that I have finished this novel, I am afraid I will not get an adequate polygamist drama fix.

I think I will add Big Love it to the Netflix queue- something new to watch in all my free time.


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