Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splish Splash

Last week we continued the Summer Park Tour with a trip to Starlight Ridge Park.

Audrey and her youngest son Mason invited us there. This park is in Audrey’s neighborhood, and I have to confess that whenever I go to her place I have house envy.

She has the perfect house for raising a family- both the physical structure, and the warmth you feel from the family atmosphere that Audrey has created. The fact that Audrey always serves me a glass of wine or a Corona as soon as I enter the door doesn’t hurt either.

The neighborhood is full of kids as well as this amazing park.

There are two good-sized playground structures here. I’m sure they have great stuff on them, but the main attraction was the splash park.

We went on the warmest day of the summer thus far. After scarfing down a picnic lunch, the kids were immediately in the water, where they played for almost two hours until the mean mothers said that time was up.

I love splash parks! It is so much easier than a swimming pool.

The kids were exhausted afterwards- I think all three of mine took naps that afternoon.

The only downside to this park is that you have to be a member of the community with a fob to gain access to the bathroom and turn on the water. Otherwise, this is a PERFECT park.

Vincent has already said multiple times that when we get a new house he wants to live next door to his friend Mason. Audrey better watch out, we might decide to move in down the street.

There goes the neighborhood.

Here is the current SPT ranking:

1. Aurora Park

2. Starlight Ridge Park (This park would be number one, if only we had a fob!!!)

3. Seaview Park


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  1. What a fun park! My post on Saturday about our town features our very favorite splash park! It's within walking distance and never too crowded!!
    Here is our sneak peak: