Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SPT- Aurora Park

Stop number two on the Summer Park Tour is Aurora Park.

I have to give Patrick credit for this one. He told me a few weeks ago that he had seen this park from a far and though we should try it out. Since he was the one who discovered it, I thought it was only fair that we go on the weekend when he could be with us.

Then, if I hated it I could tell him immediately...repeatedly...and vehemently...that he was a complete parenting amateur and could never again be trusted to make decisions for the family.

Luckily for Patrick, this park is amazing!

We picked up bagels and coffee (lots of coffee) and drove over. This park is tucked into an older neighborhood and is absolutely beautiful. It is a big park, with lots to do, but feels intimate. There are four sets of coffee style tables with benches around three sides of them, kind of like a living room. You can see the kids playing from just about everywhere in the park.

There are two play structures (one for little kids and one for older kids), a half basketball court, a small field, and an adjacent hiking trail.

When we first got there the park was empty, but for a couple teenagers shooting hoops. As the morning wore on, it got busier.

There seemed to be a lot of grandparents with grandchildren that walked over from the neighborhood homes. This thrilled me because not only was there a nice sense of community, but the children were all supervised.

I know I am going to sound like an old woman, but what is it nowadays with parents who don’t supervise their kids???


  • Two play structures
  • Six slides
  • Three rock walls
  • Swings
  • Lots of places to sit
  • Sand
  • Rubber playground material
  • Easy parking
  • Play area away from the street
  • Great visibility
  • Peaceful


  • No bathrooms

Franklin "waiting to catch” Coco on the slide.

Vincent hits a rock wall.

Colette and Franklin were on the swings for a long time. None of my kids have really ever liked to swing until the last few months. When Vinny was younger he would fall asleep in them. I wish getting him to sleep nowadays was that easy!

A rare photo of myself with the kids. I tell Patrick he has to take the photos occasionally so that when they are older they know that I did stuff with them...and wasn’t home alone...drinking. This triple slide was so much fun.

Aurora Park has taken over the top spot on the Summer Park Tour. If you are keeping track, here is the current ranking:

1. Aurora Park

2. Seaview Park

Thanks for reading!


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