Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Dominic!

I think if you ask most parents they will agree that nothing transforms your life as much as the birth of your first child. You focus changes from yourself to this new little life you have been entrusted with. You suddenly become acutely aware of the fact that you don’t know anything! I remember when Patrick and I became parents. There was so much we didn’t know. But we muddled through it. Everyone survived. We were better with subsequent babies. They also survived.

This shift has begun for my dear friends NaKesha and David as they welcomed their first child, Dominic into the world yesterday...after 26 hours (yes, 26 HOURS) of labor, a fact I’m sure he will hear from his mother many, many times. He is perfect in every way.

As you learn to be a parent, there will always be questions that only time, and the baby, will answer. When he is an infant you wonder when he will sleep through the night. Does he like to be swaddled? Will he take a pacifier? When will he smile, and will it be at me? Is he going to keep that red hair? Will it get redder?

When they are toddlers: Will he talk early? Will he be afraid of the dog? When will he get rid of those diapers? Does he like tacos, or prefer spaghetti? Will he be a morning person or a night owl? Is he going to sleep with that lovey until he is a teenager?

When they are school age: Will he be the class clown or a bookworm? Will he make friends easily? Will he prefer the arts, or sports, or enjoy volunteering? Does he need glasses?

As a teenager: Will he choose the right friends? Where will he go to college? Will he break curfew? Will the cops call me if he does? Will he be a safe driver? When will he learn to do his own laundry?

And as an adult: Will he be a doctor or God forbid, an attorney? Maybe a landscape architect, or a priest? Will he get married and have kids? Will he travel the world or be a homebody?

Only time will answer these questions, but no matter what Dominic does or becomes one thing is known- he will always be loved. Loved by his parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, maybe one day his brothers and/or sisters. And always by Patrick and I, his Godparents. Always.

Thank you NaKesha and David for humbling us with the honor and privilege of being a special part of Dominic’s life. We promise to be a support to you and him. Always.


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