Monday, October 31, 2011

Moe the Spider

In the spirit of Halloween, and all things creepy, I would like to share with you an ongoing obsession in our house- SPIDERS.

The mere mention of spiders sends Patrick running to the other room. It is quite comical. He hates them- all 6’5”, 225-pounds of grown man is, dare I say, AFRAID of spiders.

The boys on the other hand adore all things arachnid. When we visited our family in Boulder this summer we made a trip to the Butterfly Pavilion.

There, in addition to an amazing butterfly habitat, which you could stroll around, was a fantastic insect room. It was full of ants and bees and SPIDERS!

Here is Franklin, my brave boy, holding Rosy the Tarantula.

And our family’s personal favorite, the Black Widow. Patrick mumbled something about it reminding him of me. I pretended not to hear, but a woman never forgets.

Colette shares her father’s distain for the live ones.

Pretending to be spiders in a “spider web”.

The boy’s obsession extends to pretend spiders as well.

Meet Moe, the squishy black Target dollar bin finger puppet.

A few hours after he became a member of our family he was lost somewhere in the house. The boys were beside themselves with worry. I reassured them that he was around somewhere. I was forced to eye Snoop’s poop for Moe’s remains. Everyday they asked if I had found Moe yet. It became a part time job. Two weeks later, Moe was found shoved between Franklin’s headboard and mattress. The children rejoiced. Angels sang. If only I had changed the sheets sooner the reunion would not have taken so long!

Since Moe’s “return” the boys have decided to keep him in a box with the rest of his spider family, were he will never be lost again. The box also houses Meanie, his mother. I’m not sure when we will have a Eanie and Miney, but there is a warm bed consisting of a washcloth waiting for them. And we love our yarn spiders as much as the others.

Spiders- they make Hexbugs look so cuddly!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


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