Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Community Center Park, Picnic, and Daylight Savings

I have never been a fan of daylight savings. I understand why we do it. It makes sense economically and environmentally. But I am a night owl. My favorite time of day is dusk, when the sun is setting and the evening is preparing to turn dark. I like dark nights.

Now that I am a mother, there are other reasons to dislike daylight savings- the biggest being that the kids struggle to go to bed at night when it is still light out.

In an effort to embrace daylight savings and burn off some of the kids extra summer energy, we went for a picnic at the park a few Fridays ago. I had everything packed up and the kids ready when Patrick got home from work at 6:30. We were at the park by 7:00.

This is a new park for Patrick. The kids and I have been here once before, a few weeks ago. We were stood up by Audrey. It has two play sets.

One is for little kids, with 2 slides and age appropriate climbing stuff.

The other play set is a monster.

I can’t guesstimate height, length, or distance to save my life, but Patrick thought it was at least 35 feet tall.

It has three levels, four slides, a bridge, a rock wall, and various other climbing contraptions. Even with its three stories, I didn’t freak when the boys were at the top because it is really secure. There are picnic tables and gathering tables, and bathrooms. The only thing his park is lacking is shade for mom during a really hot day.

After eating our picnic dinner, the kids were off to play.

We could spend hours at this park.

Here’s Coco playing during mommy’s favorite time of day...

... and finishing her dinner, while the boys have a little something sweet.

They saved some for their sister.

I still love the dark nights, but daylight savings is growing on me.

If you are keeping track, here is the new Summer Park Tour ranking:

1. Aurora Park

2. Starlight Ridge Park

3. Community Center Park

4. Seaview Park



  1. wonderful park and looks like you nailed the time of day to go! Isn't it fun to get parks all to yourselves! It then becomes an oasis of sorts!

  2. My jaw dropped when I saw those slides! My kids would love that park. I'm a morning person(that's probably a good thing since my kids were up at 5:45 this morning), but I'm not a big fan of dls either. It messes with the kids schedules too much.
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