Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ponys and Cake!

We visited Irvine Regional Park for a birthday party this summer.

We come to Irvine Regional for the pumpkin patch every year, but we’ve never taken the time to explore the other fun things this park offers- maybe because the kids were smaller and a little harder to wrangle.

There is so much to see and explore here.

The boys decided they wanted to ride the ponies. I was not convinced this was a great idea, because Vincent has a tendency to get anxious at the last minute (I wonder where he gets that from), but I went with it.

To my delight, they loved it! Vincent was not scared at all.

I was especially surprised by how calm Franklin was on the horse. He would reach down and stroke Jacks’s neck and talk to him. It was terribly sweet.

We may need to get one....or visit a dude ranch...or move to Wyoming. I love me some cowboy boots.

Trails wind through the park, which is great for horseback riding and biking. You can rent both horses and bikes if you choose, or bring your own. You seriously forget you are in Orange County when you visit here.

It is cool and lush and quiet. The ponds are calm and beautiful. You can rent paddles boats. I think that would be a blast when the kids are older.

There are picnic areas tucked all over the grounds, some can accommodate large corporate events, and there are both small and large playgrounds.

Here is the birthday boy, Odin with his cake. He is so stinking cute, and just as sweet.

And the aftermath.

Vincent loves this photo. Isn’t that what turning a year old is all about? I would totally do that now if I could get away with it! Maybe for 40.

Odin’s mom Nicole made these delicious push-up cakes. How cute and fun is that? If you are in the OC and want some for your own party send me an email and I will get you in touch with her. Nicole is amazingly creative.

The park also has a train that runs through it. I have been surprised every Halloween that the kids haven’t asked to ride it. I have a feeling this Halloween will be the year.

It doesn’t feel right including Irvine Regional in the Summer Park Tour because it is so much more than a playground destination. I really don’t know how to “rank” it. I wouldn’t pack a picnic and the children on a whim and come over, so I am going to put it on the bottom. This is not a reflection on the park, rather a flaw in my system.

If you are following along, here is the current ranking:

1. Aurora Park

2. Starlight Ridge Park

3. Community Center Park

4. Seaview Park

5. Irvine Regional Park


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