Friday, July 8, 2011

Nine Things I Love About My Husband

  1. He makes the coffee every morning, and if I am awake before he leaves for work, he brings me a cup. (This may be for the sake of our children).

  1. He lies to me and says my butt does not look big in my jeans, pants, running shorts, etc...

  1. When I have let the laundry get away from me and he is out of folded undershirts he quietly sneaks to the garage to get one from the dryer, keeping up the farce that I am an amazing housewife.

  1. He LOVES our children. And they adore him.

  1. He commutes over two and a half hours a day to and from work so that we can raise our family in the community of our choosing... and NEVER complains about it.

  1. My type A personality outwardly amuses him, and if it drives him insane on the inside he has not let on yet.

  1. He knows my favorite pieces of Sees candy and has them specially packed on random occasions.

  1. He understands that if I don’t watch my DVRed episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras, Kate Plus 8, and Sister Wives while we are in bed together at night, I never will.

  1. When I sometimes call him and ask if he will pick up dinner on the way home he does it...without asking questions.

Happy 9th Anniversary Patrick!

Here’s to many, MANY more!

Sorry I'm a day late. I love you!



  1. nice! hope yall had an awesome anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary! Hope it was wonderful.

  3. This is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!