Monday, July 11, 2011

Dairy Queen Love

One of the items on our 2011 Summer Bucket List is a trip to Dairy Queen.

We took the kids to DQ for the first time last summer when we were burning some vacation time in the desert. And when I say burning, I mean BURNING. It was a mild June compared to the typical desert weather, but once it hit 106˚ I was done...even though it was a “dry heat”. I’m a wimp like that.

We were lucky that the kids still napped then, so we would hit the pool in the morning, nap in the afternoon, and swim again in the early evening. One afternoon we decided to ditch the naps and hit the DQ.

The boys got Blizzards. It was love at first bite.

Franklin dreamed of the flavor he would get next time.

Vincent didn’t have to share with anyone.

Coco was happy to be held in the cool ice cream parlor- she wasn’t really into eating back then.

Last week I took the kids to the local DQ- our first trip since the desert.

I got off cheap. The boys each got a cherry sundae.

They both ate the whole thing.

Franklin left no cup unturned.

There were drips.

And Colette, who had fallen asleep in the car, slept through the whole event...including the ride back home. The boys have decided we need to go back to DQ when Coco is awake.

Such givers, those two.

And they have already decided on their next desserts.




  1. Hahahahahah!! I LOVE those photos! They look so happy!!

  2. What a fun outing! I love your pictures. It sounds like DQ is going to be a favorite spot :)
    Thanks for linking up to the summertime fun party.
    Little Wonders' Days

  3. I can't believe how much Frankie has grown this past year!