Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk Painting

We pulled “paint with sidewalk chalk” from our Summer Bucket List this week.

I would give credit to whoever came up with the idea, but it is all over the web right now so it will have to suffice to say that this was not my brainchild.

It is a cheap and easy activity, but gets messy fast.

We took sidewalk chalk and smashed it into a fine powder. The kids used their little plastic hammers from their toolboxes...because a broken finger is NOT on the Summer Bucket List.

Vinny used my kitchen mallet. I used a rubber mallet. This was wonderful for releasing pent up aggression energy. You can use new chalk, or the leftover small pieces that are hard to hold.

We put our chalk powder in low vessels so that it wouldn’t tip over, but you could use disposable plastic cups too.

Then, we added water and stirred until it was the consistency of paint. Tada!!!

The kids had so much fun painting with this stuff.

Coco had to be wiped from head to toe when we were done, but it comes of the skin surprisingly easy.

I tried to convince them to paint more in the sun so that my photos wouldn’t have shadows, but it was hot.

When the paint dries, which it does quickly, it looks like chalk on steroids. It washes off easily, but since we did it in the courtyard, I don’t mind if it hangs out for a few weeks days.

Isn’t that what summer fun is all about?


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