Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heat Wave FUN!

We have been having a Southern California heat wave this week. I am not complaining- it is NOTHING compared to the heat and humidity in the south during the summer. I feel for my friends in Charlotte.

It has been hot enough here that heading to the park in the afternoons is not an option, and the kids are not at the age where I can confidently and safely take all three to the pool at the same time.

Enter this fantastic little circle of fun. It’s from Target. The best six dollars I have ever spent spent this summer.

The kids played in the water for two hours in the early afternoon, and two more hours in the late afternoon. I finally tackled that mound of laundry I have been ignoring since the holiday weekend.

The front yard is slightly flooded. Our water bill will be interesting.

Is there anything better than playing in the water on a hot summer day?

Maybe eating watermelon...

...and popsicles.


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