Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lenten Prayer for Kids

Lent starts today, Ash Wednesday.

I have been trying to think of a way the kids can do something for Lent, but it is difficult for three and four year old to grasp “giving up” something without a concrete reason. It is difficult to give up something even with a reason!

I saw this idea on Catholic Mom and thought I could modify it to fit the boys.

First, we talked about nice things we could do for each other during Lent. We came up with being kind, patient, and helpful as well as following directions the first time asked. We wrote a little prayer to say every morning at breakfast .

Each behavior has a corresponding jellybean color.

Vincent also suggested we only have dessert if it is a special occasion. I smiled at him over my triple chip St Patrick’s Day cookie, and added it to the list.

I printed both the list and the prayer up on a card, added some scrapbook paper and embellies, and attached it to the jellybean jar.

When mommy or daddy (or each other) notices one of the behaviors the child gets a jellybean in their personal jar.

The catch is, the jellybeans earned cannot be eaten until Easter Sunday. I hope this teaches both almsgiving and sacrifice.

We will see in 40 days.

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  1. I guess I can't eat the Jellybeans either, huh?

  2. Great idea! Don't think my sweet boy is quite ready for it, but will keep it in my idea bin!! :)

  3. I've decided to give up craniotomies for Lent :) I really like this idea!