Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Simon Says and Dr. Seuss

Yesterday afternoon Vincent asked if we could play "Simon Says". I have been trying to teach them how for about a year and I usually reserve it for times when they need a distraction before getting into trouble...waiting in lines, waiting while their sister's diaper is changed, waiting for a meal to be prepared, waiting just about anywhere.

I have been unsuccessful in teaching them how to play correctly, but they are always attentive and quiet for those few minutes.

Obliging V's request and anticipating that I would have to teach them how to play anew, I first refilled my coffee cup.

Simon Says, "put your hands on your heads."

Yes, it is 3:30 and V is still in his P-jams. Don't judge. I'm just keeping it real.

Simon says, "shake your booty."

Maybe I should have wiped the chocolate cookie remnants off Frankie before we started. Oh well.

Simon says, "put your hands on your shoulders."

Put your hands on your head.

I love that Franklin is looking out of the corner of his eye to see if Vincent is doing it too.
At this point, V explained to Franklin how to play Simon Says. I was FLOORED! He gets it!!!

Simon says, "cover your eyes."

Simon says, "stick out your tongue."

Hey, hasn't anyone told you it is rude to stick your tongue out at your mother?

We also colored pictures of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters in honor of his birthday. V choose the guy from Hop on Pop.

Frank choose the Grinch. No shock there.

We are still working on Coco NOT eating the crayons.


  1. fun!
    and we are frequently in our pjs ALL day, why worry with clothes if you arent going anywhere?!?!

  2. You miss good stuff when you travel. Thanks taking such good care of our kids!