Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ready for Spring!

The first few days of spring have brought rain and a cold wind to Southern California. Normally I wouldn’t mind this as I am not a hot weather person, but the kids have been bugging me to work in the garden.

Since we couldn’t go outside to work in the yard, we started some seeds in the house. The boys got fun little pots with seeds for strawberries, basil, parsley and peppers from their Godparents.

We also started some beans, romaine lettuce, watermelons, heirloom and cherry tomatoes and more spinach. The spinach and sugar snaps we planted a few weeks back are doing really well, especially considering how cold it has been the last few weeks.

I plan on picking up a small mint plant this weekend, if weather permits. I like the fresh mint in my juleps and mojitos... I mean, I like the mint in my iced tea.

Franklin help pour the water over the starter soil pellets, but his interest faded fast. Vincent likes to see the process through to the very end.

Coco watched and waited...for a snack.

We need to plant the bed in the front yard too. We ripped out the bushes that were there last spring because they attracted bees, and have yet to decide what we should plant.

I am torn between some climbers or flowering bushes.

The roses are thriving and the boys love to announce each bushes progress by counting the buds. I also would like some window planter boxes.

What is going into your garden this spring?


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  1. garden...ha!
    unfortunately i do not have a green thumb! :(

    good luck with yours!