Monday, March 14, 2011

St Patrick's Day Lunch and Shamrock Art

If I allowed it, the kids would live on fruit and yogurt.

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I made a rainbow colored, deconstructed fruit salad of strawberries, oranges, pineapple, and blueberries, vanilla yogurt (with a little help from green food coloring) and shamrock shaped PB&Js.

I don’t know if it is the muffin tin meal or the picks they get to eat with, but I could probably serve them anything from a muffin tin and they would devour it.

Our after lunch activity was making heart clovers and shamrocks. The boys choose some paper from my scrapbook supplies and we traced heart cookie cutter- 3 for shamrocks and 4 for clover. They then cut out the shapes.

Franklin cut out one by himself and I did the rest.

I love the look of concentration on Vincent’s face.

Then they glued the hearts on their construction paper to make the appropriate shape.

Vinny decided to make another one for Patrick’s office...on pink paper. LOVE it!


  1. I could probably live on fruit and yogurt too. :)

  2. JDaniel would love dipping the fruit in yogurt!

  3. my boy love fruit and yogurt too!
    your craft if great...i cant wait until sbj can do more stuff like that! m&ms for me! i gave up chocolate for lent. EEEEEEK!